The only way to replace DSG clutch is with a special kit adjustment and control.
Performance Service is one of the few auto service with expertise in professional repairs of DSG gearbox and clutch





DSG Clutch Repair, Clutch Repair

For correct identification of parts is required vin (vehicle identification number – VIN). This is in bead and consists of 17 alphanumeric characters. Any parts ordered verify the program’s service brand of car which was chosen using vin provided by the client. This number is necessary especially for cases where the automaker at least two variants used for part or all of which the part. Any part of an automobile component has a code attached home (OE code), which is used for offering equivalent to the original parts aftermarket versions.



Luk Manufacturer

Name: LUK
Origin: Germany
Quality: Factory quality
Product: Clutch part




LuK is the component of German Schaeffler Group, recognized worldwide. As proof of this is the fact that every 4th car rolls off the production line has mounted a LuK clutch system. The central activity of the company LuK – this short, many unknown, meaning „Lamellen- und Kupplungsbau” consists of historically, in the production of clutch and chain drive systems related to vehicles. LuK supplies systems and components for vehicle propulsion to the same standards of modern first-class technology, quality and delivery worldwide. LuK brand name for 50 years, mean innovation which mostly rely on the opinion of users. The company puts great emphasis on dezvoltatrea and continue expanding the range of high quality products and customer service to the highest quality standards. No wonder Luk company motto is „Success of our customers is our success!”

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